Xiaomi HIMO Z16 16" Foldable Electric Moped Bike (EU Plug)

€ 899,00

Xiaomi HIMO Z16 16" Foldable Electric Moped Bike (EU Plug) + Gratis complete montage. 

Als je op zoek bent naar een 'no-nonsense' elektrische fiets met snelheid & comfort voor gebruik in een stedelijke omgeving, dan kan de nieuwe Xiaomi Himo Z16 je waar voor je geld geven.


Zoals in eerdere beoordelingen van Himo e-bikes gezegd is...."they get the job done,en ze doen het goed!


De Z16 is geweldig om door stadsstraten en jaagpaden te rijden.


Een betaalbare oplossing voor diegenen die hun auto en / of openbaar vervoer willen achterlaten en met comfort op E-Power willen doorgaan 💪


Frame material: Aluminium legering

Max speed: 25km/h

Max afstand: 45 KM

Battery: 48V 10Ah

Oplaadtijd: 6 uur

Maximaal laadgewicht: 100kg

Motor power: 250W

Klimhoek: 30°

Bandafmeting: 16inch

Rem: Dubbel disc (zie foto's)

Damping: Double damping

Zadel telescopisch

Product Weight: 22.5kg

Package Weight: 27.5kg

Product Size(L x W x H): 1400 x 550 x 1050mm(unfold);

860 x 650 x 400mm(fold)

Package Size(L x W x H): 825 x 440 x 645mm



The 22.5 kg bike rides on 16-inch mag wheels and is rated for riders up to 100 kg. And the rear wheel houses a 250W geared hub motor.

Folding Design

The Himo Z16 folds in three locations (handlebars, frame, and pedals) and uses magnetic clasps to keep the bike folded during transport. The folded volume is exquisite and compact, so it can be easily put into the trunk, enter and exit the elevator, bring it into the office, and enter and exit various scenes in life.

IPX7 Waterproof HD LCD Instrument

The smart display clearly shows the remaining power. Riding mileage, real-time speed and fault error information, easy to master every step of riding.

Removable Battery

Using 18650 automotive-grade power lithium battery, high-rate and high-power power supply brings lasting and powerful energy output.The battery is hidden within the frame, where it is lockable and removable. The battery is rated for 55 km of range on pure electric mode and 80 km of range on electric power mode ( pedal assist mode). Those ranges were achieved under testing at the slow speed of 15 km/h.
At the same time, it is equipped with a battery anti-theft lock, which solves the trouble of losing the battery.

CST Tire

Equipped with high wear-resistant and super-grip tires, it can improve the handling ability of wet and slippery roads on rainy days, and effectively ensure smooth driving and safe braking.

3 Modes

Pedal mode (human mode), moped mode or electric power mode (pedal assist mode), and pure electric mode can be chosen to be adjusted for different road conditions.